NS2IT: Simplification of Computer Network Simulation

  • Martin NagyEmail author
  • Peter Magula
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 313)


Nowadays, Internet applications generate more and more communication traffic that needs to be wisely handled by computer networks. Therefore there is a big demand on communication protocols to have less payload and bigger efficiency. In this paper, we briefly explain our solution of enhanced simulation and visualization of network protocols based on ns-2 simulator, called NS2IT. Our goal is to simplify the simulation’s process, data visualization and measurements’ comparison. Proposed prototype teaches students about characteristics of given protocols and informs developers about protocols’ performance in specific network situations. All these information are presented by rich web interface.


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This work was partially sponsored by VEGA under number 1/0722/12 “Security in distributed computer systems and mobile computer networks” and 1/0676/12 “Network architectures for multimedia service delivery with QoS guarantee”. We thank also to all members of our research team, namely Hana Severínová, Roman Panenka, Martin Pirháč, Dávid Oros and Martin Svetlík.


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