Career Center System Software Architecture

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In today’s world, thousands of job seekers are looking for a new job. On the other hand, thousands of employers are trying to find new employees. So, this is a chaotic matching problem and it does not have a certain answer. Companies are searching career centers and web-based career software to find an answer for the question of “”Should we find a convenient worker for a certain role and hire this person or not?” Solution is that simple; just have a look at the beginning of the story: university career centers. In this study, a Career Center System Software has been designed and implemented for matching students with their ideal job. Career Center System Software (CCSS) is programmed on C#, MS-SQL and .NET platform. CCSS has been developed on Visual Studio 2010. CCSS is implemented in a way so as to enable the user to apply for the job announcements and to monitor courses and to call for conferences and seminars. Furthermore, CCSS enables companies to view the applicant’s curriculum vitae. All job announcements, educations, seminars and CVs are stored on the database. Software quality and testing shows that CCSS is implemented successfully and ready to use tool as Career Center Software.


Software architecture Database application development Web-based application development 


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