PlantsVN: An User-Friendly Software for Creating and Managing Personal Plant Database and for Plant Family Identification

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PlantsVN is a software that combines the plant database functions with the utility of family identification of plant specimen. PlantsVN allows users to create and manage personal plant database and identify plant specimen. Apart from the software accompanied key, the users can easily create own keys using the key file child window. The result of the identification is documented by displaying all the taxa of the plant database matched with the characters of the plant specimen.

This paper describes the technique of integrating the plant identification utility into the plant database software that has been used in PlantsVN-software. The paper also document on the functionality of the PlantsVN-software that is free available at the website of the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (


User-Friendly Software Personal Plant Database Plant Family Identification 



The Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology has supported this work through the project VAST04.08/13-14.


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