Investigation of Error Propagation in Multi-backbone Continuum Robots

  • Long  WangEmail author
  • Nabil Simaan


Snake-like robots using multiple backbones have gained increased use in surgical robotics. These robots are essentially parallel robots with constrained flexible legs. Change in the equilibrium configuration of these robots is obtained by pushing/pulling on the robots’ legs. This chapter presents an investigation of the effects of assembly and home position errors on the accuracy of these robots. The assembly errors considered in this chapter include twisting about the backbone curve and deviation of the equilibrium shapes from assumed circular shapes. A modeling framework for the inverse and direct kinematics is presented while taking into account twisting and shape deviation. The configuration space and the identification Jacobian matrices are derived and then used to investigate the effects of the assembly/modeling errors on inducing errors in configuration and task space.


Kinematics Continuum robots Calibration Parallel robots 


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