Toeplitz Quantization without Measure or Inner Product

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This note is a follow-up to a recent paper by the author. Most of that theory is now realized in a new setting where the vector space of symbols is not necessarily an algebra nor is it equipped with an inner product, although it does have a conjugation. As in the previous paper one does not need to put a measure on this vector space. A Toeplitz quantization is defined and shown to have most of the properties as in the previous paper, including creation and annihilation operators. As in the previous paper this theory is implemented by densely defined Toeplitz operators which act in a Hilbert space, where there is an inner product, of course. Planck’s constant also plays a role in the canonical commutation relations of this theory. Proofs are given in order to provide a self-contained paper.


Toeplitz operators Toeplitz quantization annihilation and creation operators 


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