Expanding the Frontiers of Africa’s Political Environment

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Part of the Advances in African Economic, Social and Political Development book series (AAESPD)


Africa has a long, and contemporary, record of political instability. Any political history of the continent of Africa is incomplete without contextual accounts of these exchanges; that is, processes in which governments are overthrown, borders are shifted, countless human lives lost, property and infrastructure worth millions irreplaceably damaged, the displacement of untold numbers of innocent people, and economic meltdown. These issues beckon questions about the political development of African states. In this volume, authors explore a range of political and conflict situations, discuss efforts to develop indigenous conflict resolution mechanisms and consider some of the key political and economic issues facing the continent. Despite the challenges Africa faces, global economic indicators have indicated that Africa is on the rise in terms of economic growth and political development. In this edited collection we present a multi-disciplinary approach to selected issues in African studies on the key themes covering conflict resolution, indigenous peer review mechanism and functional developments, capitalism, and political foundations of educational development in Africa.


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