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Saccheri’s manuscript of Euclid Vindicated has not been found. The first and only edition of the book appeared in Milan in 1733. It is an in quarto volume published by Paolo Antonio Montano, with a dedication to the Senate of Milan, and an imprimatur by the Inquisition (July 13th, 1733) and the Society of Jesus (August 16th, 1733), that I don’t translate. The diagrams are not inserted in the text, but collected in six tables at the end of the volume (here reproduced as Appendix 2). I have corrected the most obvious typos in the Latin text, as well as those signaled by Saccheri himself in the Errata corrige to the volume. I have only underlined in the Notes the changes that may have conceptual relevance. In the references, the page numbers always refer to the original edition of Euclides vindicatus, whose pagination is to be found in the margins of the Latin text. A reprint of the original work has been published in the 2011 Italian edition.


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