Insufficient Utilisation of Information Technology in the State Administration

The Example of Insolvency Proceedings and the Insolvency Register in the Czech Republic
  • Luboš SmrčkaEmail author
  • Jaroslav Schönfeld
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 275)


Information on insolvency proceedings is among the most important indicators as to the quality of the entrepreneurial environment in individual states. It is likewise important for entrepreneurial subjects, as without knowledge of the fact that a business partner or cooperating firm is in insolvency they cannot participate in insolvency procedures and thereby enforce their receivables. Despite this, there is as yet no European system of insolvency registers, and in numerous European Union states it is difficult to check whether commercial partners are in insolvency or not. This state of affairs leads to an increase in creditors’ costs or to a situation where legitimate creditors do not even claim their receivables. Yet given rigorous utilisation of the possibilities of information technologies, it would be relatively easy to provide the public with substantially better information as regards insolvency proceedings. Using examples from the Czech Republic and other states, this work shows the possibilities that would arise even with relatively simple usage of modern information methods.


bankruptcy information technology insolvency reorganisation state department statistics 


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