Combinatorial Studies in the Li–Co–Mn–O System

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The layered single-phase region in the Li–Co–Mn oxide pseudo-ternary system was explored by a solution-based combinatorial approach. The results showed that the layered region is a single composition line corresponding to cobalt being constrained to the 3+ oxidation state only. This composition line, joining LiCoO2 to Li2MnO3, was a solid solution over its entire length when samples were quenched from either 800 or 900 °C. Upon slow cooling, the structures phase separated near the center of the line with the maximum phase separation occurring over the range x = 0.2–0.8 in Li[Li\(_{(1-x)/3}\)Co\(_x\)Mn\(_{(2-2x)/3}\)]O2 when samples were cooled from 900 °C at a rate of 1 °C/min. These endpoints correspond to Co and Mn2Li domains with approximately 20 \(\%\) disorder on the transition metal layers. Such disorder was also found over a range of temperatures during cooling using a Monte Carlo simulation.


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