Chemigation is the application of fertilizers and pesticides to agricultural crops with irrigation water. Chemicals are also injected into microirrigation systems in order to prevent microorganisms and calcium carbonate from clogging drip emitters. Microorganisms are killed by injecting chlorine or other disinfectants. Calcium carbonate precipitation is prevented by injecting acid and lowering pH. The potential hazards associated with chemical storage, transport, and injection into irrigation water include precipitation of solids within the irrigation water and clogging of the drip system, production of poison gas, explosions, contamination of the environment, and burning or loss of eyesight from chemical splashing. This chapter describes acid injection for prevention of calcium carbonate deposition, chlorine injection for control of fungal and bacterial growth, and the application of fertilizer and non-fertilizer materials into microirrigation systems.


Fertigation Pestigation Carbonate deposition Acid injection Biological control Fertilizer 


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