Complications: How to Prevent and Manage Them

  • Piero NarilliEmail author
  • Annalisa Di Filippo
  • Mario Campli
  • Michele Motter
  • Alessandro Carrara


Biliary duct injuries and hemorrhages are still the most common complications of laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Despite the advances in surgical technique, the incidence rate of these complications is slightly higher compared with open cholecystectomy. Understanding the mechanisms of injury and a greater attention in the prevention of these damages are recommended. We performed a systematic review of the literature with the aim to bring up to date the previous EAES guidelines, paying special attention to biliary duct and vascular injuries prevention and management, but not forgetting abscesses (due to bile leaks and/or gallstone spillage) and bowel injuries. The level of evidence of each article was graded following the “Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (OCEBM) 2011 Levels of Evidence.”


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