Physics Research as a Project Process. Aesthetics in Science, Representation and Technology, Design Concepts from New Physics. A Visual Report from LHC—CERN

  • Federico Alberto BrunettiEmail author


A new frontier for science research, in the context of particle physics, has reached a milestone through the LHC experiments at CERN in Geneva to validate the hypothesis of the existence of the Higgs boson for a deeper understanding of the bonds of mass at the base of the existence of matter, as known to us. Candidate collision data results are represented by specific modalities of computational modelling that displays in dynamic 3D images those that are not “objects”, but “events”: we are dealing with a new form of iconography of science. Drawings, images and metaphors to support us to prefigure the reality that we explore and what we are still investigating, in research as form of a permanent project.


Higgs Boson Specific Modality Projective Geometry Systematic Verification Rigorous Scientific Discipline 
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The author thanks Silvia Piardi (Head, Department of Design).


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