A Hybrid Method Combining Modular Neural Networks with Fuzzy Integration for Human Identification Based on Hand Geometric Information

  • José Luis Sánchez
  • Patricia Melin
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 547)


In this chapter a hybrid approach for human identification based on the hand geometric information is presented. The hybrid approach is based on using modular neural networks and fuzzy logic in a synergetic fashion to achieve effective and accurate hand biometric identification. Modular neural networks are used to recognize hand images based on the geometric information. Fuzzy logic is used to combine the performed recognition from several modular neural networks and the same time handle the uncertainty in the data. The proposed hybrid approach was implemented and tested with a benchmark database and experimental results show competitive identification rates when compared with the best methods proposed by other authors.


Biometry Fuzzy logic Modular neural networks 


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