Four-Layer Architecture for Product Traceability in Logistic Applications

  • Jose Ivan San Jose
  • Roberto Zangroniz
  • Juan Jose de Dios
  • Jose Manuel Pastor
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 546)


In this chapter, we describe our work on the design of an auto-managed system for the tracking and location of products in transportation routes, called Transportation Monitoring System (TMSystem). Manufacturers, retailers and customers require tracking of goods in production and distribution lines. Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Systems are being introduced in many cities around the world. These systems are aimed for cost reduction purposes, and also provide optimization of time and resources. Companies usually control the quality of their production during the manufacturing phase, but products can also be controlled along the distribution and transportation phases, before they are delivered to customers. When controlling all the phases, including also the location of the transport, a large amount of data (Big Data) will be generated, and should be processed in order to get useful information, and so all the resources in the company are optimized. A four-layer system is proposed in order to provide an efficient solution for the Real-Time Monitoring (RTM) of goods. Two Web Services are proposed, Location Web Service and Check Order Web Service, so that customers can easily access information about the shipment of their orders. Finally, a Web Application is developed to access those Web Services.


RFID WSN  GPRS Web services Transportation Traceability  Location AVL Big data. 


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  • Roberto Zangroniz
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