Applications of Radar Systems in Planetary Sciences: An Overview

  • Fabio TostiEmail author
  • Lara Pajewski
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This chapter aims at reviewing remarkable results and sophistication of radar systems achieved over the history in several planetary explorations by dividing the treatment according to different planets and celestial bodies investigated. Both established and novel radar-based techniques for space exploration are described within an overall top-down approach being consolidated over years. As a result of the review, future perspectives of the research are highlighted and some benefits and limitations of different techniques are described. In line with this, increasingly reliable surveys are expected in the next few years, which can provide important information in the understanding of past and present natural phenomena as well as to sustain future human explorers and look for clues of habitable zones.


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The authors acknowledge the COST Action TU1208 “Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar”, supporting this work.


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