Applications of GPR in Association with Other Non-destructive Testing Methods in Surveying of Transport Infrastructures

  • Mercedes SollaEmail author
  • Henrique Lorenzo
  • Joaquin Martínez-Sánchez
  • Vega Pérez-Gracia
Part of the Springer Transactions in Civil and Environmental Engineering book series (STICEE)


Preservation and maintenance of transport infrastructure is a global concern that affects social and economic development in all countries. During the last decades, there has been a continuous increase in the use of non-destructive testing (NDT) applied to many aspects related to civil engineering field. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) has become an established method of inspection. This paper presents a compilation of works in the frame of the applications of GPR and other NDT methods in the evaluation of transport infrastructures. Published works in roads and pavements, concrete and masonry structures, and tunnel testing are mentioned. It has been demonstrated that such methods have significantly benefited the procedures for inspection and also, successfully solved some of the limitations of traditional methods.


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The authors acknowledge the COST Action TU1208 “Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar”, supporting this work.


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