Cloud-Hosted Data Storage Systems

  • Liang Zhao
  • Sherif Sakr
  • Anna Liu
  • Athman Bouguettaya


Over the past decade, rapidly growing Internet-based services such as e-mail, blogging, social networking, search and e-commerce have substantially redefined the way consumers communicate, access contents, share information and purchase products. Relational database management systems (RDBMS) have been considered as the one-size-fits-all solution for data persistence and retrieval for decades. However, ever increasing need for scalability and new application requirements have created new challenges for traditional RDBMS. Recently, a new generation of low-cost, high-performance database software, aptly named as NoSQL (Not Only SQL), has emerged to challenge the dominance of RDBMS. The main features of these systems include: ability to horizontally scale, supporting weaker consistency models, using flexible schemas and data models and supporting simple low-level query interfaces. In this chapter, we explore the recent advancements and the state-of-the-art of Web scale data management approaches. We discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of several recently introduced approaches and its suitability to support certain class of applications and end-users.


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    Apache Cassandra database - Project Webpage.
  2. 8.
    Apache CouchDB database - Project Webpage.
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    Apache HBase database - Project Webpage.
  4. 14.
    DEX: a distributed key-value storage system.
  5. 15.
    Dynomite: a distributed key-value storage system.
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    Eucalyptus: Open Source AWS Compatible Private Clouds.
  7. 20.
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    Hadoop Distributed Filesystem (HDFS).
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    HyperTable: A high performance, scalable, distributed storage and processing system for structured and unstructured data.
  12. 34.
    List of NoSQL Databases.
  13. 35.
    Memcached: a distributed memory object caching system.
  14. 38.
    MongoDB: an open-source document database.
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    Neo4J: Graph Database System.
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    Riak: a distributed key-value storage system.
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    SalesForce Cloud Solutions.
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    Voldemort: a distributed key-value storage system.
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