Effects of Surf Zone Sea-Spray Particles on Aerosol Concentration in Coastal Area

  • Gilles TedeschiEmail author
  • Jacques Piazzola
Conference paper
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An experimental campaign has been conducted in Nov. 2007 in Duck, NC. Several sets of probes were used in various conditions, in order to measure either the marine aerosol vertical gradient and the flux emitted by the surf zone or the horizontal transport offshore. It was possible to find a new equation for the surf zone aerosol flux depending on the Wave Energy Dissipation (WED). The aerosol transport was simulated for offshore wind condition and compared to experimental data measured aboard a boat travelling along the offshore wind vector.


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  1. 1.CNRS/INSU, IRD, Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (MIO)Toulon UniversityLa GardeFrance
  2. 2.CNRS/INSU, IRD, Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (MIO)Aix Marseille UniversityMarseilleFrance

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