Orbital Angular Momentum: Testbed for Quantum Mechanics

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Entanglement of light’s orbital angular momentum (OAM) is firmly established both theoretically and experimentally. For Laguerrre-Gaussian beams, the OAM of a photon can take on any value \(\ell \hbar \), where \(\ell \) is an integer. Within communication systems, this higher dimensionality suggests an increase in the information density of the photon. But no less than this communications application is the relevance of OAM to more fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics. This chapter starts with a brief survey of the history of OAM and its physical origin. We then proceed to describe how a fundamental Gaussian mode can be transformed to an OAM-carrying beam. Capitalising on the analogy between photon polarisation and OAM, we present results of Bell-type experiments which test against local hidden variable theories. Finally, we exploit the higher dimensional OAM space in an Einstien-Podolsky-Rosen experiment for OAM and its conjugate variable, angle.


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