Investigation into the Effect of Velocity Distribution on Dry Season Hydrocarbon Degradation in Pond System

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Investigation into the hydrocarbon degradation was examined by considering the effect of velocity distribution on substrate concentration and biomass built up as well as the physiochemical parameter of the pond system. The research work contains experimental and theoretical data. The model developed was simulated using the experimental data obtained from the field of investigation. The result obtained shown negative and positive velocity indicating that the negative velocity influences the inflow velocity distribution of the substrate as well as the physiochemical parameter concentration. The actual velocity operational on the pond system was evaluated by considering the different in positive (inflow) velocity from the negative (backflow) velocity. The research demonstrates the effect of velocity distribution on the substrate concentration, biomass build up, physiochemical parameters as well as evaluation of the theoretical maximum specific rated of microbial growth μTmax = 45.45 × 10−4 day−1, equilibrium constant for the microbial growth KTm = 0.0125, whereas the experimental values are given as μEmax = 10.0 × 10−5 (day)−1 and KEm = 200. It is seen that velocity distribution in pond system influence the effectiveness of bio-remediation of hydrocarbon.


Hydrocarbon degradation Physiochemical parameters Bio-remediation of hydrocarbon 


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  1. 1.Department of Chemical/Petrochemical EngineeringRivers State University of Science & TechnologyPort HarcourtNigeria
  2. 2.Niger Delta UniversityWilberforce IslandNigeria

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