Computing Power Series Expansions of Modular Forms

  • John VoightEmail author
  • John Willis
Part of the Contributions in Mathematical and Computational Sciences book series (CMCS, volume 6)


We exhibit a method to numerically compute power series expansions of modular forms on a cocompact Fuchsian group, using the explicit computation of a fundamental domain and linear algebra. As applications, we compute Shimura curve parametrizations of elliptic curves over a totally real field, including the image of CM points, and equations for Shimura curves.



The authors would like to thank Srinath Baba, Valentin Blomer, Noam Elkies, David Gruenewald, Paul Nelson, Kartik Prasanna, Victor Rotger, and Frederik Strömberg for helpful comments on this work. The authors were supported by NSF grant DMS-0901971.


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