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Perception of noise without external trigger, acoustic hallucinations of sound and noise but without hearing voices.

Angular gyrus

A brain convolution on both sides of the posterior and upper brain. Here, information from the temporal, parietal , and occipital lobes is merged and processed (see Fig. 4.1)


A speech disturbance occurring in many different forms. For instance, words cannot be understood (= sensory aphasia), words of native language appear foreign, or words and sentences cannot be articulated any more or only with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Aphasia often occurs in in subjects who have had brain tumours or strokes .


Disturbance of an organized and targeted sequence of movements; for instance, inability to use cutlery correctly for dinner or to handle a coffee machine. Apraxia corresponds to a lost function of previously learned and controlled motor abilities. It is a malfunction of the brain, often associated with strokes or brain...


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