Effect of Geometrical Parameters on Tensile Properties of Nanotubes

  • Mokhtar AwangEmail author
  • Ehsan Mohammadpour
  • Ibrahim Dauda Muhammad
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There is a large variation of mechanical properties, such as Young’s moduli for nanotubes as indicated from both experimental and theoretical studies. From an early study [1], the experimental values of Young’s modulus of the carbon nanotubes was 1.3 −0.4/+0.6 TPa. While, in another study [2] measured value for Young’s modulus of nanotubes as 0.816 ± 0.41 TPa. The wide variation in the experimental results may be due to the several factors including (i) presence of defects in nanotube specimens and (ii) inherent limitations of current experimental techniques.


Graphene Sheet Tube Diameter Secant Modulus Analytical Structural Model Mesh Convergence Study 
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  2. 2.Department of Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of AbujaAbujaNigeria

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