Compact UWB/BLUETOOTH Integrated Uniplanar Antenna with WLAN Notch Property

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A low-profile and planar dual band integrated antenna is presented and discussed, which possesses notched frequency band to eliminate interference signal. In this paper the designed antenna has got speciality having dual frequency band operation covering Bluetooth (2.4–2.484 GHz) and UWB (3.1–10.6 GHz) and above all single band 5.15-5.825GHz (WLAN) notch features. Designed antenna is fed by coplanar waveguide (CPW) and built on the low cost (FR-4) substrate with height of 0.76 mm and 26×20 mm2 plane area. The antenna uses a new technique comprising of cutting slots at the periphery of the rectangular stub and tapered shape in the vicinity of the feed-line to improve its VSWR characteristics over the UWB and Bluetooth band. An effective half-wavelength tuning element is used to generate the necessary band-notch at the WLAN interfering band. Full wave analysis of the proposed antenna design in frequency domain and optimize design is obtained by using the commercial simulation tool ANSOFT HFSS_v12.1 which is based on finite element analysis. The antenna exhibits stable omnidirectional radiation patterns and acceptable gain flatness across the entire UWB and Bluetooth band.


Bluetooth Integrated antenna Ultrawideband Band-notch characteristics 


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