Challenges towards Implementation of e-Government Project in West Bengal, India: A Fishbone Analysis in Order to Find Out the Root Causes of Challenges

Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 249)


E-governance is gaining momentum with various Government initiatives in India to ensure Government services delivery in a smarter way, more smoothly, more transparently and faster way. Government of India (GI) is committed to transfer its services from manual to electronic since 2006. With the past experiences, it has been anticipated that there are several challenges in India to roll-out e-Governance projects. The remedy and mitigation of those challenges could be possible if and only if the Government can address the root causes of all the challenges. The focus of this study is to identify the key challenges and to explore the root causes of the challenges using very well-known methodology, Fishbone Analysis. The analysis has been performed based on the survey data only, and the data have been collected through the interviews and questionnaires. The survey was conducted randomly among the different stake holders like citizens, Government officials and IT vendors, related with the e-Governance projects in West Bengal, a state in India.


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