Content Based Retrieval of Malaria Positive Images from a Clinical Database VIA Recognition in RGB Colour Space

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Modern hospitals are trying to create a database of patients’ diagnostic history that also contains multiple images taken during different clinical tests on a patient. This has lead to a demand for easy retrieval of images matching a query condition, so that this database can be used as a clinical decision support system. This paper presents a technique for retrieval of malaria positive images, matching a specific query condition, from a clinical image database. The candidate image is segmented in RGB colour space, and a pseudo-colour is imparted to the non-region of interest pixels. The technique additionally retains the full features of the chromosomes, and hence the modified image can be used for further studies on the chromosomes. The algorithm utilizes 4-connected labeled region map property of images to analyze and modify the image, i.e., delete unwanted artifacts, etc. This property is also used to count the number of RBCs.


Malaria Segmentation RGB space cell counting labeled regions 


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