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A summary of concepts and ideas useful for an understanding of measurable phenomena in thin film and nanostructured magnetic materials is presented. Beginning with the base definitions of magnetic moment and its relation to angular momentum, mechanisms are discussed for long range ordering based on electronic orbital overlap in insulators, and electronic band structure in metals. The nature of excitations about this ground state are also discussed, and how these can be understood by analogy to the quanta of harmonic oscillations associated with vibrations in crystals. A phenomenological model of magnetic ordering and excitations is also described, and key parameters defined in terms of symmetries allowed by the local atomic environment. Lastly, a thermodynamic view of magnetic states and configurations is summarised, and here the focus is on mechanisms for magnetic reversal and coercivity and the concepts of magnetic domain walls and domain wall mobilities are discussed.


Angular Momentum Domain Wall Uniaxial Anisotropy Magnetoelectric Coupling Single Domain Particle 
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