Design and Development of an S-band 6 bit MMIC Attenuator with Low Insertion Loss

  • Umakant GoyalEmail author
  • Ashok Kumar
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A monolithic S-band 6 bit digital attenuator with dynamic range of 31.5 dB and with low insertion loss and compact size has been designed, fabricated and tested. Result shows the exceptional performance with reference state insertion loss as low as 2.8 dB at 3.2 GHz and VSWR better then 15 dB over all attenuation state and frequencies. The chip has a total size of 5.0 × 2.5 mm2 and the technology used is 0.7 um GaAs MESFET (G7S) switch process.


Low insertion loss MMIC Digital attenuator S-band 


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The authors would like to thank fabrication, Measurement and Assembly teams at SSPL and GAETEC for their invaluable support. We give special thanks to Sangam V. Bhalke and Sandeep Chaturvedi form GAETEC, Hyderabad for their constent help during measurement and assembly. Authors also acknowledge thanks to Dr R. Muralidharan and Dr B.K.Sehgal for providing us opportunity to work in this assignment.


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