A Self-tuning Fuzzy PI Controller for Pure Integrating Processes

Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 247)


We propose a self-tuning fuzzy PI controller (STFPIC) for pure integrating process with dead time (IPD) whose output scaling factor (SF) is continuously adjusted in each sampling instant by a non-fuzzy gain modifying factor γ, which is defined on the normalized error and change of error of the controlled variable and the number of their uniform fuzzy partitions. Performance of the proposed controller is studied for a pure integrating process with dead-time under both set-point change and load disturbance. Performance comparisons with other FLCs are provided in terms of various performance indices along with transient responses. Simulated results justify the effectiveness of the proposed STFPIC.


Integrating process Fuzzy logic controller Self-tuning fuzzy control Scaling factor 


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