Desk Review of the Resettlement Programme

  • Benjamin Harkins
Part of the SpringerBriefs in Environment, Security, Development and Peace book series (BRIEFSSECUR, volume 18)


A wide range of literature is examined in detail, dealing with both policy and practical elements of the resettlement process. The key actors in the programme are catalogued and considered, including Thai Government agencies, inter-governmental organisations and non-state actors. Key source materials for policies on eligibility and the application process are reviewed. Preparation and support provided to resettling displaced persons is assessed, covering both pre-departure stages and after arrival in the U.S. The impact of resettlement on participants is evaluated, considering aspects such as education, employment, health care and other cultural and socio-economic criteria. The impact on those left behind in the camps is also analysed, revealing that there have been both positive and negative consequences.


Resettlement Refugees Durable solutions Refugee integration Thailand Myanmar 


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