The Evolution of Social Communication in Primates

Volume 1 of the series Interdisciplinary Evolution Research pp 313-326


What Can an Extended Synthesis do for Biolinguistics: On the Needs and Benefits of Eco-Evo-Devo Program

  • Cedric BoeckxAffiliated withICREA—Catalan Institute for Advanced StudiesDepartment of General Linguistics, Universitat de Barcelona Email author 

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Recent publications exploring the links between linguistics and biology suggest that in sharp contrast to the overly adaptationist and genocentric framework provided by the modern synthesis and at the heart of evolutionary psychology, the conceptual pluralism made available by an evo-devo-inspired extended synthesis could lead to more productive investigations in the domains of language evolution and development. But such promises have yet to be articulated in detail, and the challenges ahead should also be made explicit. This chapter focuses on a range of historical, conceptual, and empirical issues surrounding language and seeks to address what evo-devo could do for biolinguistics.


Development Evolution Genetics Linguistics Neuroscience Biolinguistics