Responsive Open Learning Environments

pp 135-158

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Case Study 3: Exploring Open Educational Resources for Informal Learning

  • Alexander MikroyannidisAffiliated withKnowledge Media Institute, The Open University Email author 
  • , Teresa ConnollyAffiliated withKnowledge Media Institute, The Open University


This chapter explores the potential of informal learning within a Personal Learning Environment (PLE), as well as the identified informal learning cultures that have evolved from the use of Open Educational Resources (OER). A variety of research instruments and strategies have been employed to promote the use of PLEs in this case study and capture a rich variety of feedback from Communities of Practice. In particular, there is a focus on the active use of a PLE and its integration with OER available from the OpenLearn project of the Open University. Additionally, this chapter describes the discovered necessary guidance conditions, emergent contrasting learning contexts and evolving different scenarios in use within the selected Communities of Practice. This research has led to the identification of valuable lessons as well as the documentation of challenges that are faced by those using PLEs in the context of informal learning scenarios.


Informal learning Learning culture Open Educational Resources Self-Regulated Learning Personal Learning Environment