Responsive Open Learning Environments

pp 17-48

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Supporting Self-Regulated Learning

  • Alexander NussbaumerAffiliated withKnowledge Technologies Institute, Graz University of Technology Email author 
  • , Ingo DahnAffiliated withKnowledge Media Institute, University of Koblenz-Landau
  • , Sylvana KroopAffiliated withZentrum for Social Innovation
  • , Alexander MikroyannidisAffiliated withKnowledge Media Institute, The Open University
  • , Dietrich AlbertAffiliated withKnowledge Technologies Institute, Graz University of TechnologyDepartment of Psychology, University of Graz


Self-regulated learning (SRL) competences are crucial for lifelong learning. Their cultivation requires the right balance between freedom and guidance during the learning processes. Current learning systems and approaches, such as personal learning environments, give overwhelming freedom, but also let weak learners alone. Other systems, such as learning management systems or adaptive systems, tend to institutionalise learners too much, which does not support the development of SRL competences. This chapter presents possibilities and approaches to support SRL by the use of technology. After discussing the theoretical background of SRL and related technologies, a formal framework is presented that describes the SRL process, related competences, and guidelines. Furthermore, a variety of methods is presented, how learners can be supported to learn in a self-regulated way.


Self-regulated learning Learning guidance Learning models Personal learning environments