Earthquake Prediction Research Using Radio Tomography of the Ionosphere

  • Vyacheslav KunitsynEmail author
  • Elena Andreeva
  • Ivan Nesterov
  • Artem Padokhin
  • Dmitrii Gribkov
  • Douglas A. Rekenthaler
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Under development since its invention in 1990 as an ancillary application of ionospheric radio-tomography (RT), a new earthquake (EQ) prediction system is being evaluated. It has already been deployed along the United States West Coast, from Vancouver in Canada to San Diego in Southern California, and is currently undergoing Beta testing. This Chapter addresses RT–EQ prediction concepts, the underlying RT theory, evolution and implementation, and a few examples of the Beta test system’s performance. This work is an investigation of EQ precursors, which we hope will lead to an operational system. The current system provides a foundation and the tools to study ionospheric effects linked to conditions in the Earth’s crust prior to major earthquakes. Progress toward a fully operational system will require several more years of data acquisition and analysis.


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  • Artem Padokhin
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  • Dmitrii Gribkov
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