Solving Reliability Optimization Problems by Cuckoo Search

  • Ehsan Valian
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 516)


A powerful approach to solve engineering optimization problems is the cuckoo search algorithm. It is a developed by Yang and Deb [1, 2]. In this chapter uses CS algorithm, to solve the reliability optimization problem. The reliability optimization problem involves setting reliability objectives for components or subsystems in order to meet the resource consumption constraint, e.g. the total cost. The difficulties facing reliability optimization problem are to maintain feasibility with respect to three nonlinear constraints, namely, cost, weight and volume related constraints. The reliability optimization problems have been studied in the literature for decades, usually using mathematical programming or metaheuristic optimization algorithms. The performance of CS algorithm is tested on five well-known reliability problems and two complex systems. Finally, the results are compared with those given by several well-known methods. Simulation results demonstrate that the optimal solutions obtained by CS, are better than the best solutions obtained by other methods.


Cuckoo search algorithm Lévy flight Reliability optimization problem 


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