Conservation Actions for Wooden Building Elements in Multan

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  • Roberta Mastropirro
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  • Christian Amigoni
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In the guidelines for maintenance, conservation, and reuse in the Walled City of Multan, there are also the descriptions of the wooden elements, their decay, and structural phenomena, the best practices and bad practices for the preservation, and a technical sheet for interventions for wooden elements.

Throughout the Walled City many wooden elements in the building can be seen. This material is also used in structural elements of the building. It is not unusual to see continuous street facades of pure timber curtain walling with vertically sliding shutters. These shutters are used both externally for climate control and as partitions for interior spaces.

The facades of buildings can be characterized by different and important wooden architectural elements. In the glossary of materials, the wood elements are divided into these categories and the categories are further subdivided to explain the differences and varieties of these elements. The elements present different types of decay or defects, so the guidelines provide a glossary of these phenomena. Every defect or decay is described and illustrated.

The best practices and bad practices for intervention with wooden elements are explained and the rules and method of inspecting wooden structures are described. In addition, the principal interventions are organized and explained in the technical sheet, where problems are identified along with their corresponding solutions. The phases of intervention are described in a step-by-step manner with accompanying drawings and important prescriptions are highlighted.

Finally, the guidelines present a checklist for the inhabitants titled, “Has Your Home a Wood Structure?” This document can help inhabitants to recognize the principal problems of the wooden elements and structures.


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Special thanks are due to Giorgio Binda of Amigoni’s Engineering Studio, Lecco, Italy.

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