To Smite the Rock and Water Shall Come Out

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The groundwater flow in the crystalline rocks of Sinai explains the story of striking the rock to obtain water. It looked miraculous to people coming from a land where the only source of water was the Nile and shallow shafts dug nearby. Kadesh Barnea probably the present site of the spring of Ein Kudeirat, was the site where Miriam the sister of Moses passed away, and where the other incident of striking the rock took place. From this site the mission went to spy out the Promised Land and the first failed attempt to storm the land, was made. This brought the Israelites to avoid a direct assault against Canaan and made a detour through Transjordan. Avoiding war with the Edom, Moab and Ammon, conquered the Gilead and Bashan where a few tribes settled.


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