Self-Avoiding Hamiltonian Walks Counting in Parallel Processing Mode

  • Igor Ševo
  • Sreten Lekić
  • Mihajlo Savić
Part of the Modeling and Optimization in Science and Technologies book series (MOST, volume 2)


We have developed a program for counting self-avoiding Hamiltonian walks to run on multiple processors in a parallel mode. We study Hamiltonian walks (HWs) on the family of two-dimensional modified Sierpinski gasket fractals, as a simple model for compact polymers in nonhomogeneous media in two dimensions. We apply an exact recursive method which allows for explicit enumeration of extremely long Hamiltonian walks of different types: closed and open, with end-points anywhere in the lattice, or with one or both ends fixed at the corner sites. The leading term n is characterized by the value of the connectivity constant 1, which depends on fractal type, but not on the type of HW.


hamiltonian walks fractal parallel processing 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Igor Ševo
    • 1
  • Sreten Lekić
    • 2
  • Mihajlo Savić
    • 1
  1. 1.Faculty of Electrical EngineeringUniversity of Banja LukaBanja LukaBosnia and Herzegovina
  2. 2.Faculty of Natural Sciences and MathematicsUniversity of Banja LukaBanja LukaBosnia and Herzegovina

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