Low Threshold Nanoimprinted Organic Lasers Integration with Micro-LED Arrays

  • Yue WangEmail author
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Chapter 6 presents work towards the HYPIX goal of OSLs pumped by GaN micro-pixellated LEDs that could be compatible with direct CMOS control. To accommodate the lower power density provided by the micro-LEDs compared to the commercial LEDs, polymer laser thresholds require further reduction. Mixed-order DFB resonators are designed to limit the output coupling to decrease the cavity loss and thus reduce the polymer laser threshold. These gratings are initially fabricated in silicon wafers by electron-beam lithography to ensure the accuracy of the sub-hundred nanometre widths. UV nanoimprint lithography (UV-NIL) is then applied to transfer the pattern onto optically transparent substrates, i.e. glass coated with a resist material. Different pump-beam geometries are also investigated to optimize the polymer laser threshold. Very low threshold BBEHP-PPV lasers are demonstrated with the mixed-order UV-NIL gratings and successfully pumped by customized micro-LED arrays.


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