The Atomic-Scale Motion of Thiophene on Cu(111)

  • Barbara A. J. LechnerEmail author
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Self-assembled monolayers of sulfur-containing heterocycles and linear oligomers-containing thiophene groups are widely employed in organic electronic applications. Here, the surface dynamics of thiophene on Cu(111) are investigated by helium-3 spin-echo spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulations. Thiophene adsorbs on top sites and forms a covalent S-Cu bond. Two competing activated processes are observed, manifest in a kink in the Arrhenius plot: jump diffusion between adjacent top sites over a barrier of 59–62 meV and rotation around the S-Cu anchor point over a barrier of 17 \(\pm \) 2 meV. In addition, flapping between different tilt angles is observed. MD simulations of the diffusive motion reveal an exceptionally high friction coefficient of 5 \(\pm \) 2 \(\mathrm{ps}^{-1}\).


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