Radial Basis Artificial Neural Network Models for Predicting Solubility Index of Roller Dried Goat Whole Milk Powder

  • Sumit Goyal
  • Gyanendra Kumar Goyal
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 223)


In this work, Radial Basis (Exact Fit) and Radial Basis (Fewer Neurons) artificial neural network (ANN) models were developed to evaluate its capability in predicting the solubility index of roller dried goat whole milk powder. The ANN models were trained with a data file composed of variables: loose bulk density, packed bulk density, wettability and dispersibility, while solubility index was the output variable. The modeling results showed that there is an agreement between the experimental data and the predicted values, with coefficient of determination and Nash-Sutcliffe coefficient close to 1. Therefore, this method may be effective for rapid estimation of solubility index of roller dried goat whole milk powder.


Radial basis function ANN Solubility index Goat milk powder MATLAB 


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