Cryogenic Landslides at Dam Abutments

  • Ninel KrivonogovaEmail author
  • Stanislav Panov
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The Svetlinskaya HPP is located on the Vilyui River in the north-eastern part of Russia, in the zone of continuous permafrost. The hydroelectric complex includes two earth and rockfill dams and run-of-river hydraulic power plant. The steep left bank is represented by permanently frozen rock with marks of ancient preglacial landslides. Inevitable melting of this rock massif after filling of the reservoir can trigger potentially dangerous landslide processes. This paper describes engineering measures aimed at reducing dangerous impacts of these processes on operational safety of the Svetlinskaya HPP hydroelectric complex.


Permafrost Thaw process Landslide Hydraulic structure Dam Grout curtain Frozen curtain 


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