A Query Expansion Approach Using the Context of the Search

  • Djalila Boughareb
  • Nadir Farah
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 219)


In this paper; we propose a solution to one of the most known problems in information retrieval field which is the ambiguity of short queries. In fact, short queries are often ambiguous and their execution by search tools engenders a lot of noise. The proposed contribution consists of a query expansion approach that exploits the recent browsing history of the user and the time parameter to expand short queries based on the feedback returned by the users having search behaviours similar to that of the current user.


Information Retrieval search context query expansion recent interest 


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  1. 1.LabGED Laboratory, Computer Science DepartmentBadji Mokhtar-Annaba UniversityAnnabaAlgeria

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