Research and Application of Building Monitoring Platform Based On the Internet of Things

  • Jincheng WuEmail author
  • Jianbo Yu
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 246)


Researched the design of building monitoring platform based on the Internet of things, and achieved the function of monitoring real-time information of multiple nodes through a web. Our system uses the STM32F407 as the master chip to complete the conversion of data in different communication protocols. On the user side, the STM32F407, as a Web server, sends the Web page that contains the nodes data to clients; on the nodes side, the STM32F407 achieves the interaction of the nodes through the wireless module nRF24L01. In order to gain good scalability, a specific protocol is used between the microcontroller and nodes. This paper describes architecture and working principle, software and hardware design of the system, illustrates the communication protocol used in this system, analyzes some issues related to the monitoring system and proposes solutions. Related experiments show that the system is stable, the expansion ability of the nodes is powerful and the system meets the needs of most applications of wireless monitoring.


Embedded server Intelligent monitoring The Internet of things STM32F407 nRF24L01 


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