Antinuclei Produced in Relativistic Collisions: Results and Expectations

  • Thorsten Kollegger
  • Reinhard StockEmail author
Part of the FIAS Interdisciplinary Science Series book series (FIAS)


Relativistic nuclear collisions create fireball volumes of energy density reaching up to \(50~\mathrm{{GeV/fm}}^{3}\). The hadronizing system thus spreads out over the entire known and unknown spectrum of hadron-resonance species. It features a considerable yield of antibaryons, hyperons and antihyperons, as well as corresponding light nuclei, antinuclei and hypernuclei and metastable clusters. A vision emerges, of establishing an extension of the nuclear isotope chart, to antinuclei and into a further, novel dimension in addition to isospin, the strangeness coordinate. Production of light nuclear isotopes is well studied already from first Bevalac and AGS investigations. With recent increase of energy at RHIC and LHC the coverage has moved up to the anti-helium isotopes. We discuss the systematics of antinucleus production, and its interpretation in terms of the coalescence, and statistical equilibrium models. It is argued that substantial LHC and experiment upgrade would be required, to turn from initial, low statistics observations, to a precision coverage of the anti-\(A=4\) region, perhaps extending to anti-\(^{6}\mathrm{{Li}}\) with a devoted LHC experiment.


Light Nucleus Phase Space Density Statistical Hadronization Model Internal Wave Function Nuclear Yield 
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