“IGY Gold” History initiative

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The International Geophysical Year 1957–1958 was one of the greatest scientific events of the modern era. Although a great deal of historical effort has been dedicated the IGY, there is still a large amount of valuable historical information in danger of being lost in time. Therefore, an important part of the IHY 2007 activities was preserving the history and memory of IGY (for a brief history of IGY and International Science Years, please see Appendix V). The “IGY Gold” History initiative (gold symbolizing the 50th anniversary) has several goals:
  • Identifying and recognizing planners of and participants in the first IGY;

  • Preserving memoirs, articles, photographs, and all items of historical significance for the IGY;

  • Making these items available to historians, researchers, etc.;

  • Serving as a contact service for these activities;

  • Spreading awareness of the history of geophysics; and

  • Planning special events and “reunions”.


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