This book is not just about legal narratives; it also consists of ten legal narratives, since, according to the wide understanding that underlies this term, all chapters of this book are, to some extent, stories embedded in a legal context. Their interdisciplinary character is twofold: Combining law and the humanities, scholars of cultural studies approach the U.S. legal arena through the narrative character of law which is thus seen as part of a wider culture and society. Modern legal scholars normally shrink from considering the wider cultural ambiance of a legal system when it comes to the interpretation of legal norms. As soon as foreign legal systems are concerned, however, knowledge of the cultural context in which a legal system is placed seems indispensable in order not to treat foreign law unduly or even misconstrue its meaning. Thus, interdisciplinary collaboration between scholars of cultural studies and legal scholars will perhaps become easier if their common research focus is not set on a national “legal narrative” but related to a foreign legal system. A wider contextual approach may be advisable, moreover, if not only one but a whole range of legal disciplines is involved, which naturally goes hand in hand with a broadened methodology.


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