polymake: a Framework for Analyzing Convex Polytopes

  • Ewgenij Gawrilow
  • Michael Joswig
Part of the DMV Seminar book series (OWS, volume 29)


polymake is a software tool designed for the algorithmic treatment of polytopes and polyhedra. We give an overview of the functionality as well as of the structure. This paper can be seen as a first approximation to a polymake handbook.

The tutorial starts with the very basics and ends up with a few polymake applications to research problems. Then we present the main features of the system including the interfaces to other software products. polymake is free software; it is available on the Internet at http://www.math.tu-berlin.de/diskregeom/polymaka/.


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© Springer Basel AG 2000

Authors and Affiliations

  • Ewgenij Gawrilow
    • 1
  • Michael Joswig
    • 1
  1. 1.Fachbereich Mathematik, MA 7-1Technische Universität BerlinBerlinGermany

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