On the Baum-Connes Assembly Map for Discrete Groups

  • Alain Valette
Part of the Advanced Courses in Mathematics CRM Barcelona book series (ACMBIRK)


In these notes, we study the Baum-Connes analytical assembly maps (or index maps) μ i Γ : RK i Γ (EΓ) → K i (C r * Γ) and \( \bar \mu _i^\Gamma \) ,for a countable group Γ. Here RK i Γ denotes the Γ-equivariant K-homology with Γ-compact supports of the universal space E Γ for proper Γ-actions, while K i (C r * ) (resp. K i (C*Γ) denotes the analytical K-theory of the reduced (resp. full) C*-algebra of Γ. As it is simple and direct, we use the definition of β i Γ suggested by Baum, Connes and Higson in Section 3 of [BCH94]. The Baum-Connes conjecture asserts that, for any group Γ, the map β i Γ is an isomorphism (i= 0, 1). The contents of this paper are as follows:
  1. 1

    We make the necessary changes for constructing \( \bar \mu _i^\Gamma \) , and give a detailed proof that β i Γ and \( \bar \mu _i^\Gamma \) provide K-theory elements of the corresponding C*-algebras.

  2. 2

    We carefully describe the behavior of the left-hand side of the assembly maps under group homomorphisms, and we prove that \( \bar \mu _i^\Gamma \)is natural with respect to arbitrary group homomorphisms. As a consequence, we get a new proof of the fact that, if Γ acts freely on the space X, then the equibvalent K-homology K * Γ (X) is isomorphic to the H-homology K *(Γ\X) of the orbit space.

  3. 3

    To illustrate the non-triviality of the assembly map, we give a direct proof of the Bauam-Connes conjecture for the group ℤ of integers, not appealing to equivariant KK-theory.

  4. 4

    Denote by \( \tilde \kappa _\Gamma :\Gamma \to K_1 \left( {C_r^* \Gamma } \right) \) the homomorphism induced by the canonical inclusion of Γ in the unitary group of C r Γ . We show that there exixts a homomorphism \( \bar \beta _t :\Gamma \to RK_1^\Gamma \left( {\underline E T} \right) \) such that \( \bar \kappa _\Gamma = \mu _i^\Gamma \circ \tilde \beta _t \); this extends a result of Natsume [Nat88] for Γ torsion-free.



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