Proof of Theorem I.38

  • Michèle Audin
  • Ana Cannas da Silva
  • Eugene Lerman
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The rest of the lecture notes will be devoted to a proof of Theorem I.38. Right from the beginning the proof will bifurcate into two cases: the contact manifold B is 3-dimensional and dim B > 3. If dimB = 3 we will argue directly using slices that the orbit spaceB/Gis homeomorphic to a closed interval [0, 1] and then use this to compute the integral cohomology ofB. This will show that B cannot be homeomorphic to \( S^* \mathbb{T}^2 = \mathbb{T}^3 \)


Toric Manifold Symplectic Vector Space Nondegenerate Critical Point Slice Representation Homogeneous Vector Bundle 
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